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Dimensionless Science

Could you be a Scientific Genus?

Take the Challenge and find out!

For many the world of science is a confusing territory. With its mix of complex formula and bespoke terminology, its can take years of dedicated training to fully grasp. Whilst we are accustomed to this notion, is it actually the truth, or is it just the way the the ideas and information have been expressed?

Complexity does not have to be Complicated


Take the Challenge and find out!

Accelerated learning
“Through years of experience teaching using accelerated learning techniques I understood, it is not the subject itself, but how the subject is taught.” – Colin Power

Accelerated learning has demonstrated that the way information is imparted is key to a persons ability to understand and remember. Our minds work best through a process of pattern recognition, rather than rules and regulation. You are more likely to remember a story or an image that a mathematical equation.

You don’t need to be a genius to understand geometry

But understanding geometry will make you a genius

“To prove that this is actually true, I have designed a small learning challenge that is FREE for anyone to take.” – Colin Power

In just 10 minutes you will see just how easy it is to remember the exact value for 4 major scientific constants. The I will show you learn how to calculate the impedance of the vacuum, and how to solve the Lorenz Gamma for the velocity of the electron.

After you have complete this short exercise you will be equipped with enough knowledge to work out the values for over 40+ other scientific constant and equations.

Sound too good to be true?

Well if you have 10 minutes to spare, then why not give it a go.

Take the Challenge!

Accelerated Learning uses artistic, fun, drawings and games to help us learn more easily.

In this challenge you will be creating a set of learning cards.
So before you begin you will need to have:
* a set of coloured post-it notes or similar
* something to draw with, like a pack of felt tip pens
Coloured Post-it Notes

Are you Ready?

if you have gathered paper and pens
then you are ready to begin…