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Colin Power

Music makes the world go round!

For me music has been a doorway into the lives of other people. From rich to poor, famous to infamous, I have played for all kinds of people, and I can tell you, the one thing they share is that they all love good music.

Colin Power

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Colin Power - the Musician

As a life-long musician, Colin Power has written and performed as both a solo artist and band leader. Throughout his youth he spent much of his time engaged with experimentation in the studio, where he acquired his skills as a sound engineer. When he moved to Bristol, he took on influences of Cuban musicians he befriended, which was the inception point for his legendary 12 piece Latin funk band ‘Mofunk’. After years of successful tours, and gigs on the festival circuit, Colin Power split from the band, and began to travel the world as a solo artist. The music of Colin Power sums up some of his life experiences, and spiritual philosophy.

Live on stage

  • SOLO
  • DUO
  • DJ

Colin Power takes to the stage with his voice and guitar to front his current live band project, Infinite Grooves. Featuring percussion from Peepu Maze (AKA Miserable Man), and Tom Bricks on bass, and Heike Bielek on backing vocals and percussion, playing a mixture of original and classic funk.

Infinite Grooves – LIVE

Catch the Light EP (Funk)

As a singer, songwriter, guitarist, Colin Power’s energising performances had create his strong reputation as an outstanding entertainer. With a collection of over 300 uplifting songs, that cover a diverse range of styles, his solo performance is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Often Colin Power is accompanied on stage with either another member of Infinite Grooves or a guest musician. Performances include shows with South Goan star Dan JM, Nepalese singer Martha Jirel, and Malaysian Percussionist Pali.

Colin Power – Funky Duo

Live at Ciaran’s – South Goa – India

Colin Power – Funky Duo

Live at Pisco Bar – KL – Malaysia

What began as a passion for collecting records, DJ Colman emerged from the free party scene in Bristol, became Colin Power’s pseudonym for all his electronic music and remixes. He presently produces fast-paced 1 hour sets for Ecstatic Dance, that blend the juiciest selection from his record collection with original remixes.

Past Recordings


Colin Power legendary 12 piece latin funk outfit that toured throughout Europe and across the most prestigious festivals in the UK, including Glastonbury Jazz Stage. The bands strong reputation for its explosive interactive stage show combined high class musicianship came from its extensive gigging activities. The original music written by Colin Power is available from band camp.

Front Man – Mofunk

We’ve got the Power EP (Buy Online)

Whilst engaged on an exploration of Asia, Colin Power set out to produce a simple acoustic recording, based from a hut in north Goa. The first of the two part album was composed with just voice and guitar, whilst the second part was recorded with a Ukulele. The album includes original classics such as ‘Beyond the Grave’, and ‘Love is the Greatest Sunshine’.

Travelling Indonesia

The Traveller EP (Accoustic)

As a studio engineer, Colin Power has often recorded one-off tracks. Some of these were complied into different collections. One year he decided to challenge himself to write and produce an E.P in a week, over the winter solstice. Over three years each album was released on the 21st of December, from which ‘The Longest Night’ , the final recording, gets its name. Included in the set are classics such as ‘Crazy’, ‘Light my Soul’, and ‘A Light on the horizon’.