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The books of Colin Power are simple and often practical guides that help us to understand life and the universe in a fun and interactive way. The detail construction plans, coupled with a host of inspirational concepts make building his models fun, engaging, and educational.

Current Book

The Template

a journey through 3D

This hand pocketbook explains how to created and nest the 5 platonic solids in a specific fashion. The nested set can be used as a metaphysical map to enhance consciousness, as well as our ability to understand the science that depicts our physical reality.

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The Blueprint

a journey through the atom

By comparing different geometric forms to the various set of atomic orbitals, this book details how to construct a cardboard model of the electron cloud. This fascinating practical guide builds upon the knowledge of the first in the series ‘the template’, adding several new forms to the nested construct, derived from the Archimedean solids.

The Template Book Cover
Colin Power

Breaking your own beliefs

Doing things the we believe we are no good at is one sure way to break the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves…

Colin Power

Musings, Illustrations, and Notes

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The Earth moves through Time and Space

The Earth moves through Time and Space

Becoming a writer

It never occurred to Colin Power that he would be a writer. It was the one thing at school he hated the most, and found the most difficult to do. So when a good friend suggested he write a book, he didn’t really take the idea too seriously….

    However, shortly afterwards he would meet people after gigs or in the street, who would say the same thing. In fact, some of them seemed to be quite insistent on the matter. So eventually he gave in and set up some space to write.
    Sat in a simple beach hut in the south of Goa without any internet connection, he began to type into his computer, and as he did the words started to flow. Over the next 28 days he produced over 100,000 words, with topic spanning from the meaning of life and death, the concept of Heaven and Earth, and the nature of infinity. These concepts are accompanied with illustrations of compass constructions that support the work.
    Upon returning to the west, he began to research our scientific understanding in more detail, and to his surprise found an astounding co-relation between experimental results and the ideas in his book. Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to re-write the book in a more coherent fashion, it never found the support of a publisher. However, shortly afterwards, working with Heike Bielek he was able to produce a small pocket book called the template, which describes how to build and nest the set of 5 platonic in such a way that they can be used as a metaphysical map to better understand consciousness, and the reality we all experience.

Future Books in the making

Music and the Elements

How can an understanding of music theory explain the structure and anomalies found in the periodic table? This book uncovers a surprising connection, that also explains a number of things about the colours of light found in the visible spectrum.

13 Sacred numbers

An foundational book in the art of drawing geometry that expands from a line. This book include 10 powerful meditation techniques that can help deepen spiritual consciousness, and is a useful tool for personal transformation.

The Ordinance

An foundational book in the art of drawing geometry in concentric circles. This book explores several metaphysical concepts including, the beginning of time and space, the structure of the universe, and the nature of the golden ratio.