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Colin Power Music

From music to metaphysics, the world of Colin Power surpasses the boundaries of compartmentalized thinking, and opens door to new horizons, with an optimistic belief that makes you feel like anything is possible.

Colin Power

A world without barriers

If there is a boundary, that means we can surpass it…

Colin Power

About Colin Power


Colin Power started his career in music from the day he was born. Even in early school life, he created musical opportunities, whereby he was able to persuade the head teacher to allow him to run an open stage every Thursday, where children would be able to sing a song with simple percussion. His first teenage rock band, ‘Dangerous Liaison’, presented the first outlet for his songwriting abilities. Since then he has been involved in numerous outfits, playing a diverse range of styles, from latin, funk, and reggae, to electronica.

When he moved to Bristol, he set up his first studio and recorded bands such as ‘Baby Head’ and ‘Canteena’, whilst experimenting with his own electronica outfit, ‘the Mofo’. This work spawned the seed for his legendary 12 piece latin fun band ‘Mofunk’. Through this he began to play larger stages and crowds.

When the tensions in the band arose, he left to become a solo traveling artist. Over this period this he began to solidify his sound, combining groovy rhythmic guitar, with catch upbeat vocals. Whilst in the south of Goa he met Peepu Maze (Miserable Man) and Tom Bricks, and together formed Infinite Grooves. This gave him an outlet for his original funk music.

Although Colin Power has produced a host of original material, the written word has always been one of his least favourite things. So when a close friend suggested that he should write a book then it wasn’t something he paid particular interest to. However, shortly afterwards other people he met began to suggest the same thing. In fact, he had tried to write down some of his life experience some years before and had struggled with the idea, and therefore let the project go. So it was with some surprise that when he sat down in early 2015, the words just began to pour out of him, along with a whole universe of knowledge. This experience became the seed for a unique metaphysical blueprint, that can be used to describe deep spiritual concepts, and complex scientific knowledge. Although the book and its subsequent rewrite was never published, he used his discoveries to develop practical guidebooks and courses that provide a strong foundation for embodying his discoveries. Excerpts from his writings can be found on this website including a selection of images that accompany his early realisations.

Beyond his abilities as singer/songwriter and entertainer, Colin Power has dedicated much of his life to the sphere of education. His first workshops employeed a unique style of digital music making, which engaged young children by using technology to build interactive jamming environments. Over 10 years his community studio produced hundreds of recording and positively influenced the lives of 1000’s of children and young adults. Over this period he also innovated new way for physically disabled people to access music through his work as a Drake Music facilitator. In Greece his workshops with Skyros Yoga Holidays, he adapted his digital music sessions to include transformative work.

After meeting with Tanya Moore from Inner Spark Education, he was taught the fundamentals of accelerated learning, and together they created language learning workshops based on their concept of ‘5D Learning’.

Presently he employs his educational experience in designing courses for In2infinity, an alternative educational organisation he co-founded with Heike Bielek. His work currently focuses on the exploration of spiritual and scientific knowledge, presented through the art of compass construction, and geometry.

As with any curious mind, Colin Power it not one who accepts a truth blindly without any kind of experimental evidence. Through his meditative practice, he has explore the worlds of his inner consciousness. Through this work he has developed a series of mental techniques that he believes have helped him to unlock his potential.

His exploration of the nature of reality has extended beyond the sphere of consciouness, into the realm of physical experimentation. Due to his concerns about the unsustainable nature of human civilisation, he began to investigate alternative energy. By recycling old electronics, he was able to build various devices that shows a marked improvement in the efficient use of current technology. It was through this period of experimentation he became interested in the art of geometry, whilst studying vortex mathematics.

Through a chance encounter with Mark Raven, who shared many of his philosophical ideas, they initiated a program called ‘The Club of Athens’ to act as a melting pot for positive solutions. Together they identified the key barriers to the development of new sustainable energy technologies as a form of commercial risk. In this way they were able to produce an architecture that would invert this perception by offering on-going sustainable investment streams for the existing structure to utilise. This shift is appropriated by the recognition of ‘the value of an idea’, which has the power to change the world forever.

Colin Power’s extraordinary life has brought him into contact with a diverse range of people. Each has brought their own perspectives. From Reiki Masters and Yoga Gurus, to high-powered CEO’s, each have provided him with an experienced insight into the nature of humanity. Through his life experience and his keen interest in books, Colin Power has compiles a vast pool of knowledge and wisdom from which he draws inspiration. From the fundamental tenants of Buddhist and Vedic Philosophy, and other religious beliefs, as well as the results of scientific experimentation, Colin Powers perspective on life offers a tantalising insight into the function and foundation of life.

After studying the art of compass construction, he began to create a more detailed explanations of his unique outlook, which combines both spiritual wisdom with scientific data in equal measure. Subsequently, he began writing books and courses based on his findings. Whilst playing music in a bar in Goa he met with Heike Bielek who adopted many of his concepts. Together they founded In2infinity, that has shaped his ideas into a more comprehensive exploration of the nature of life and reality. From new geometric models of the atom, musical models of the periodic table, to the nature of the human mind, their current work has been described as ‘mind blowing’ and ‘revolutionary’.

Colin Powers latest work includes a mathematical exploration of scientific constants through ratio (Dimensionless Science), that supports a ‘4D Aether’ hypothesis, which reconsiders the concept of the Aether as a 4th dimensional substance, able to acts as an incompressible fluid in 3D space. His work on conceptualising the 4th dimension has also been translated into the sphere of personal development, whereby he has designed a specific set of meditation techniques (4D Thinking) to enable people to actively expand their awareness.

His knowledge of Vedic Philosophy built throughout his time in India, meets the perfect counterbalance with Heike Beilek’s scientific knowledge as a biologist and the training she received in Rishikesh as a Yoga teacher. Together they have produce a 4th and 5th Dimensional Yoga teaching program, which combines their unique presentation of yogic philosophy and anatomy blended with logical and scientific understanding, through art and music.

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